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Hi, my name is Scott and I have been providing gopher and mole management services to residents of Contra Costa County since 2016.  I deploy natural methods in this control process to help avoid interfering with non-targeted species.  One of my methods is administering CO2 gas into the affected and active tunnels and which is known to be one of the most humane means in this treatment process.

Additionally, and as secondary back up method I find it essential to set specialized traps to help ensure a positive outcome for my clients.  Due to the capricious nature of the gopher kingdom and the surrounding environment like dry, grassy open fields, etc I encourage my clients to enter into an optional monthly service agreement for on going maintenance after the initial treatment.  

My service starts at $198 for up to 3 gopher mounds and for larger projects I customize the service fee and provide an additional service visit at no additional charge and on an "as needed basis" and within 30 days of the initial service date.

I look forward to being in your service, give me a call today 925-727-6732

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Is your lawn shaking? Call an expert to remove gophers from your yard before it's too late. Gophers are rodents that can quickly destroy your lawn and garden. A single gopher can cause a lot of damage to your lawn as well as prized plants.